Maximize your income and business potential with the proven seller training program provided by a team of experienced eBay PowerSellers.

You tried to make money online but you always have the following problems :

  1. BulletDon't know what to sell

  2. BulletDon't know how to increase your sales.

  3. BulletDon't know where to source for hot selling & profitable products

  4. BulletPoor knowledge about logistics and custom rules and regulations.

  5. BulletDon't know how to collect payment from overseas buyers

  6. BulletDon't know how to do proper market research

  7. BulletCannot compete with other sellers

  8. BulletDon't have anyone to guide you

  9. BulletDon't know how to market your products


“This program is not just a workshop, but a series of training + actual live implementations to train all candidates to become a professional online seller, not just another seminar or workshop. The objective of the program is to train until you succeed!”

If you have the problems listed above , you really need to find out...

  1. How to source for hot selling and profitable products

  2. How to research your market

  3. How to sell to your customers

  4. How to collect payment from your customers

  5. How to package your items and declare the parcel

  6. How to avoid costly mistakes

  7. How to prevent legal issues and custom issues

  8. How to deliver your products to your customers safely and avoid dispute

  9. How to increase your sales

  10. How to generate sales from return customers

  11. How to do after-sales service

Have a professional to teach you the right way to sell online. We are using the most up-to-date training and student material - So you know you’re learning to make the most of eBay to increase your revenue. The training will teach you how to:

  1. Do research and create listings that will attract buyers

  2. Enhance listing with better description and pictures

  3. Set pricing that will maximize your profits

  4. Open and use a Paypal account to simplify the payment process, to collect your money

  5. Monitor sales to know exactly what's working and what's not

  6. Avoid many costly mistakes that new eBay sellers tend to make

Subjects that we will be covered

  1. Bullet"The Basics Of Selling On eBay"

  2. BulletWelcome module

  3. BulletGetting Started Module

  4. BulletListing Preparations

  5. BulletListing your item

  6. BulletCompleting the sales

  7. BulletResearching eBay

Extra topics :

  1. BulletPowerSeller tips

  2. BulletLocal Malaysian 's common mistakes

  3. BulletLogistics & Shipping

  4. BulletProduct photography

  5. BulletCase study : Best Selling products that you can get in Malaysia

  6. BulletPackaging, insurances and custom info

  7. BulletHow to fight against fraud, dispute and other issues

  8. BulletHow to generate 5 figure income in the shortest time (actual case study based on one of our own eBay Business Model)

We will...

  1. BulletHelp you build your business hand in hand, and throw sales to you

  2. BulletTailor made an eBay business plan that will work for you

  3. BulletFind Hot Selling Products, and bundle with low shipping rates and let you start selling and making money.

  4. BulletOr duplicate a proven eBay business for you . Get the sales first and make some money first before you master it

BIG Suprise!!!

For those who sign-up for the course, Globalmart Solutions will provide an extra Online Seller Enhance Program that will help you to:

  1. BulletBuild your online business immediately.

  2. BulletSource for hot selling & profitable products from local & overseas distributor

  3. BulletSetup a cost and effective full operations home based online business center

  4. BulletEnjoy extra support on import/export & custom issues like tax ,VAT etc

  5. BulletEnjoy special rates (Express and mail) for online shipping & special price for certain hot selling products on eBay. And many more other benefits.

  6. BulletReview some of the actual top selling products online business model from different industries in Malaysia that generates more than half a millions ringgit in sales a month.

Why Join us instead of others?

  1. We are a team of full time eBay sellers and PowerSellers

  2. We specialize in Shipping

  3. Offering extremely cheap shipping rates to all our members

  4. Help our members source hot selling products at a very cheap price

  5. We offer life time mentoring and coaching

  6. Unlimited life long support

  7. Join our online seller community network

  8. Re- attend our course for FREE

Course Features

  1. BulletCourse Features "The Basics Of Selling On eBay" syllabus.

  2. BulletExclusive Training Material & Sales Report.

  3. BulletLife time support by a qualified team, not just a person

  4. BulletFREE RE ATTEND For latest skills updates

  5. BulletOne-on-One Coaching available

  6. BulletCourse Certificate

  7. BulletDuration : 2 days workshop, No time limit for project

  8. BulletHands-on training - To build your eBay business

  9. BulletEnjoy special prices for certain hot selling products

  10. BulletLogistic and shipping support

  11. BulletOnline and Email Support


For employees

  1. Extra part time income. No worry of retrenchment

  2. Potential to develop into a full time business. (Be Your Own Boss)

  3. Very low business startup capital

For Business

  1. Develop sales channel

  2. Liquidize dead stock

  3. Market your products & brand worldwide.

  4. More exposure and business opportunities

For Students / fresh graduates

  1. Extra part time income

  2. Create your own career.

  3. Work based on interest

  4. Develop & market their talent

For Housewives / Retirees

  1. Utilize free time to earn extra income

  2. Make Money at home while taking care of others

  3. Stay connected with the business world

  4. Clear your unwanted junk. A man’s junk might be another man’s treasure

  5. Increase household income

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